Friday, December 20, 2013

Our Christmas Tree

Hi Everyone,

Lisa from Lisa's Craft Room here to share something with you this month. I first have to apologize to Sheila and to you all because I picked up a second job working nights to make extra money and I have had no time at all to craft, as you can see from my blog. I just have enough time to come home from my day job, have a quick bite to eat, change and off I go. So please forgive me for not having a handmade project for you today.

I decided I would take a picture of our tree and post it for all to see. We used to have real trees for years, I loved the smell. Then we purchased a fake tree and used that for a couple of years, then last year my husband said why don't we just get a little table top tree. I really wasn't crazy about it because I liked the big trees, but when we bought it and decorated it, I thought it was so cute. I am still using ornaments from when my son was little and ornaments that we've gotten over the years. I really do like it and I'm thinking next year I will decorate it differently. Maybe, with just balls and ribbon. Something really pretty and more adult like, since my son is an adult now :) We will see.

Thank you so much for understanding. I didn't want to not post anything, so I hope this is ok :) I do have cute things that I want to make for next month. So, I will give myself plenty of time to get them done. Thanks Sheila :)