Thursday, August 5, 2010

AW I am touched

What a nice surprise :) Thank you so much Sue.

Here are the rules of this award....

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.

Thank you Sue :) This means a lot to me.

2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.

3. List three things which you love about yourself.

I love that I am a good wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
I love that I can scrapbook and craft.
I love that I am a strong person.

4. Post a picture you love.

I posted this picture because my son and husband are my world.

5. Tag five people you wish to pass this award on to.

I would like to pass this award to:

These ladies like all the ladies and gentlemen are very creative and are always willing to help with anything that you need. Thanks ladies for sharing your talent. :)


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Congratulations on the blog award!

Lisa said...

Thank you Sheila :)