Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Gift Bags

Happy Saturday. What a gorgeous day here in New England. First off I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who are following my blog. I am so honored and touched. I am new to blogging and I am so happy to have followers. WOW. I've been trying to welcome each of you as you follow but that is hard to keep track of, so decided to Thank You here. ;)

Now, this is what I was talking about a few posts back. My son is a Junior in High School and he has Early Childhood as his shop. He is very sad because the children that he has this year are graduating preschool next week. He loves them and will miss them dearly and they love him, so, we decided to make each child a little gift bag to remember him by. (9 boys, 8 girls). The bags each have a bottle of bubbles, a little container of play dough and two dum dum lollipops. We didn't want to go overboard, just a little something. I made the boys card a dinosaur and the girls card a ladybug. My son wrote a personal note in each card (the same note for each child), then I put the note inside the bag. I put 1" strips of paper across the staples, so little fingers wouldn't get hurt. I put volcanos on top for the boys and flowers on top for the girls. My son is doing a speech and will pass them out to the children then. I am taking a vacation day that day because my son would like me to attend. I can't wait to see the children's faces.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Doggy Cards - Create A Critter

I don't think that I will ever get sick of this cartridge. I love this one. I think the images on it are so cute. I made this card for my sister, she has a little dog named Daisy. I think it is so darling. I used the new stamp set from My Pink Stamper - Family and Friends. (for my Sister) Daisy was stamped with individual letter stamps.

This one I made for a friend at work, her mom had a dog that she was very very close to and he passed away, so this was just a little just because to her.


Hi Everyone, here is the 6th card from Just Because cards, this is another one that I'm not crazy about. Let's see how many there will be once I get through the cartridge. It's just that the words are weird. Who would you send a card to saying Corny? LOL The phrases on this cartridge aren't the best, I think I'll be using stamps for sentiments.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Round and Round

Happy Saturday :) SassyLady is having a challenge over on the Cricut forums. She wants everyone to try welding words around a shape. Boy, it's not that this was hard, but you really had to have patience to get everything just right. I'm also working on something else that I will post as soon as they are done and boy they are so darn cute. I had such a great time making these.

I obviously didn't want the hearts white, so, after cutting out the main image, I cut out just the hearts in red and glued them on to the white hearts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Thank You Card

My husband was out of work for six weeks due to a fractured ankle. His co-workers made a collection for him. He wanted to give them a Thank you card, but, he said when he went to the store, they only had Thank you cards for individuals, not groups, so he asked me if I would make a card for him. Of course I will ;)
This was made using Don Juan, the words, (welded on the Gypsy) and From My Kitchen (the loaf of bread). Thank you for looking.

Goody Gumdrops

Hi My Friends,

This is card number 5 of the Just Because cartridge. I love Christina's so much more. I am two cards ahead so they are still plain, but, I am going to start adding more to them after that. I think I had this down on the second card so it's time to kick it up. LOL Thanks Christina, I love following right along with you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Brown, Yellow and Green Challenge

Robyn at My Pink Stamper is having a challenge to make a card using Brown, Yellow and Green. I am so in love with Create a Critter. It has to be the most darling cartridge out there. Here is my card I submitted for the challenge. This is a take on Emma's card from My Creative Time (have to give her a shout out). I fell in love with this card when I saw her making it. I was so in awe how she took the bee hives and welded them together to make the card. I knew I just had to try it and I think it came out so darn cute. Enjoy. Thank you as always for looking and for your comments.


I got such a wonderful surprise today. Sheila from Shes A Sassy Lady asked me to be a Designer for her Blog. I was so happy and honored. I always wondered what that would be like. I am so excited to learn more and stretch my capabilities. I can't wait to get to know her and the other Designers better. Thanks Sheila ;)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I would like to Thank You for following my blog. It means alot to me. I'm new at this and I am so thankful that people find my blog worth following. I'm so excited to see I have 15 Followers ;) I feel blessed.

I'm pulling for you.

This is number 4 from the Just Because Cards cartridge. I think this one is really cute. You could jazz it up by using different papers and adding flowers or plants to make them look like they are inside the wagon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Forever Young - Happy Birthday Girlfriend

Today was a friend's birthday, so I made her this card from the Forever Young cartridge, with the cake box from Tags Bags Boxes and More. I put a Dunkin' Donuts gift card in there. I also used the My Pink Stamper stamp set called Family & Friends to stamp Happy Birthday Girlfriend. Robyn, a shout out to you, these stamps are awesome. I love them. The zebra paper is from a glossy mat of paper called Safari from The Paper Studio, I got the idea from a card Robyn at My Pink Stamper did for her friend Karlee, I loved the card. I also stamped the envelope with the same phrase.

Monday, May 10, 2010

In a Pickle?

This is the third card from Just Because Cards. I agree with Christine, I don't really care to much for this one, but, I'm sure someone will find some use for it. Some people had some good ideas, like canning pickles, you could also send it to a friend who is having problems and just say that you would be there for them if they need you. Still, not really a favorite.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I would like to wish all the ladies a very Happy, Healthy Mother's Day. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Something To Crow About

Happy Saturday. This card is number 2 on the Just Because Cards cartridge. I didn't think I liked this cartridge after I received it, but now that I am following along with Christine, I am enjoying how the cards are coming out, and of course the next time I make them, I will change them up, using stamps and such. I just want to start off following how they are made in the book to get a better idea and then the sky's the limit from there. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and night.

My Mother's Day Card

Oh my goodness, I just finished watching Dawn Griffith's video and fell in love with this card. It is called a Paper Frame Card. I just made it. I think it came out so nice. It was so easy too. Thanks for looking.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Because Cards #1

Hi My Friends,
TGIF ;) It has been a long week. Christine at Creations with Christine is being so kind again to do a video series on Just Because Cards. YOU ROCK Christine. I think when you know how to do something, it makes it so much more fun. Although, I am always up for a challenge. Watching Christine do these cards and envelopes step by step is Awesome. I am going to make every card with her and post them. I'm behind a little but I will catch up this weekend. Thank you as always for visiting my Craft Room. Enjoy. Thanks again Christine. This is very much appreciated.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take Shape

This was challenge #9 at the My Pink Stamper site for NSD. I thought this tree stump from Create a Critter was so cute. I flipped the image to make it a card and used different color browns. I cut a green leaf and I stamped hi from the Simply Sweet Occasions, My Pink Stamper stamp set. :)

Love My Color

This is challenge #8 for NSD on My Pink Stamper's site. I figured since it was such a beautiful sunny day here, I would do yellow, a nice, bright, sunny color. I embossed the card, then I took my yellow ink pad and ran it over it, then added a yellow ribbon, a yellow brad, a yellow flower and two yellow buttons. Enjoy.

Mother's Day Card

Happy Saturday and Happy May 1st. which is National Scrapbooking Day. I am following along on My Pink Stamper's site today and I am enjoying seeing everyone's creations. I have only done the first challenge because I am doing other things and I can't seem to get going. It took me forever to do my card. LOL
At least now, my Mother's Day card is complete. I hope everyone is having a wonderful "Scrapbooking" day. The weather here is so gorgeous today, it makes the mind, body and spirit feel great. Enjoy and as always, Thank you for looking.

This is a step card, and I used the Create a Critter cartridge. I love Koala's. They are so cute.

Thank Ewe

This should have been posted a while ago. I was just thinking of a card to make and came up with this one. This was made with the Just Because Cards cartridge. I am going to write in it...for being you. (Thank Ewe for being you.) I want to gather my cards (and envelopes) that I have made and cards that I have received from swaps, and send them to a program called Send Love Today, P.O. Box 528, Berea, Ohio 44017. It is in the May CardMaker magazine on page 14, Readers Reach Out page. It is a nonprofit organization which provides emotional support and encouragement to brain-tumor patients and their families. Children make up the majority of patients and they need cheerful, encouraging, thinking of you cards. (No Get Well Soon) cards or anything of that nature.