Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010
MS bright side Award.

I would like to thank She's a Sassy Lady (Sheila) for the award. That was so generous, caring and thoughtful of you. You are always the first to comment on my posts and I am grateful for all of your kind words. Thank you.

To accept the award I will share the 10 top things about me and then share 5 bits of trivia, I am allowed to  pass this award to other bloggers who will in turn do the same linking the person who passed and the people I pass to. Hope I did it right. I'm new to this. :)

My Top 10 Happy Things

1. God, always first
2. My Husband
3. My Son
4. Life
5. My Family and Friends
6. My Job
7. My Home
8. Food
9. Scrapbooking and Stamping
10. Reading

5 Bits Of Trivia

1. I don't care for amusement park rides
2. I used to roller skate and still do, sometimes
3. The job that I have now is the longest time I have been at the same place
4. I love to dance
5. I am thankful for everything, everyday

I would like to pass it on to some of my favorite people: I have so many favorites :)

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Alicia Garcia said...

Aw, thanks Lisa! Love that you put God firsta nd foremost....when I saw the list titles, I was thinking narrowly, but your answers were braod and expansive. I think that is teh joy of these sorts of "surveys". <3
I will head on over to my blog tonight and fill this out.
Thank you again for thinking of me!
Hugs and HOOTS,

Lisa said...

Hi Alicia, Your welcome. Keep us up to date with the wedding plans. :)

Magoo said...

hi sweetie!! I'm so glad Sassy gave you this award!! You are always so kind and positive that perhaps this award was made just for you? :)

Thanks for thinking of me - although I don't consider myself to be sunshiney or bright at all I would be honoured to accept this award from you :)

great big hug and squeeze from me to you!

Lisa said...

AW thank you Crystal :) WHAT, you not sunshiney or bright? Just by your picture, you look like a sweet gal. LOL I've heard your voice on your videos also and you sound sweet. Thank you.